Welcome to Narnia, there is a way out

Welcome to Takemehomefromnarnia. This is the home to the social media campaign in support of celebrity and fan members of the LGBT community, and against homophobia in the entertainment industry and media.

The objective is to form a grassroots movement made up by members of the industry’s target group - us, the fans - who are supportive of LGBT rights and call out homophobic comments and practices in the media when they see them.

Welcome to Narnia

The entertainment industry is a very homophobic place, reigned by the fear that an LGBT celebrity will not sell as a leading romantic role/the face of a band/etc. Too many people in the entertainment industry are closeted, willingly, or unwillingly, for fear of homophobic backlash from fans and media. Indeed, too many media reports on the industry treat being gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender/… as a scandal to be exploited.

These practices are extremely harmful, not only to the celebrities involved, but also to their, often very young, fans who are members of the LGBT community. Through closeting, public outing against one’s will and reporting in the sphere of scandal, a message is being spread that being gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender/… is wrong, shameful, something best hidden. 

All of these practices rest on the presumption that the market for this industry itself is homophobic. And this is where we come in.  

There is a way out 

This blog was born from the belief that, as fans, through the use of social media, we can show that we are not homophobic but supportive. 

Not by outing celebrities against their will. Not by waging war on their management and pr companies, But by organizing ourselves, by consistently calling out homophobic statements by media, celebrities and fans, and by educating them on what a tolerant and supportive fanbase looks like. In this way we can slowly but surely tilt the balance in favor of tolerance and support. Amongst the fanbase, at first, in the media, and, ultimately, in the industry itself.

Over the next few days, this campaign will be given more substance, and messages will be posted on what you, as fan, can do in support of LGBT celebrities and the LGBT community. This is very much a work-in-progress.

Please bear with me, visit often, and spread the news